last night i saw j edgar with my sister. she was so rude and laughed at all the sweet, tender moments. sigh. she hated the movie, but to be fair her favorite movies are never been kissed and 13 going on 30. heh. so she starts claiming the only reason it got wide release was cuz its got a gay relationship explored in it. i think its more than that. i tried to explain to her that subject matter and context are all a part of film making and she got pissed at me and we went into a starbucks and continued to be pissed at me. the barrista took my order and asked me if my friend was getting anything and she huffed off like 10 feet and the guy was laughing and i said ‘sorry, she’s a tad sassy’ and he and all the people working started laughing. by affect it made my sister like ten degrees more angry and she wouldnt talk to me the rest of our ~time together. she really is very sassy.

i love my sister but im writing this as a reminder to never see another movie with her again. this always happens. hah.